Types of Businesses to Start in India?

1. Sole Proprietorship Firm 

A sole proprietorship business is owned and managed by one single person. The small traders and merchants come under this category. 

2. Partnership firm 

A partnership firm is a form of business where two or more individuals agree to come together and manage the business's operations, as mentioned in the partnership deed. 

3. Limited Liability Partnership 

A Limited Liability Partnership differs from an ordinary partnership in terms of the liabilities of the partners. 

4. One Person Company (OPC) 

Under One Person Company, the business owner enjoys twin benefits. First being a solopreneur, and second, being a promoter of the company. 

5. Private Limited Company 

A private limited company is any type of business entity in "private" ownership used in many jurisdictions, in contrast to a publicly listed company, with some differences from country to country. 

6. Public Limited Company 

A public limited company (PLC) is a form of corporation that is publicly traded on the stock market. This kind of company is governed by the regulations of the Companies Act of 2013. 

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