Points To Keep In Mind Before Starting Franchise Business

Choose the right franchise

Research different chai franchises to understand their brand reputation,  franchise fees,  and the kind of support they offer. Each franchise might have its own USP (unique selling proposition) so consider what makes them stand out.

Understand the legalities

Franchises have specific contracts outlining the responsibilities of both the franchisor and the franchisee.  Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before signing.

Find a high-footfall area

Look for areas with a lot of daily traffic,  like office complexes, colleges, or busy  high streets.

Identify your target customer

Consider what kind of customers your chosen franchise attracts and if that aligns with the demographics of your chosen location.  For example, a college area might call for a more trendy ambiance compared to an office area.

Investment and ongoing cost

Franchise fees can vary depending on the brand and location. There might also be royalty fees and costs for equipment, inventory, and staff.

Staff training and management

Some franchises provide training for staff on  brewing chai,  customer service, and operating the  franchise management system.  Inquire about the kind of training offered and if there's  ongoing support for staff management.

Want to Start a Chai & Cafe Franchise Business Under 2 Lakh?