Own your Tea Franchise under 2 Lakh

Affordable Tea Franchises Under 2 Lakh in India 

Dreaming of starting your own tea business? Discover tea franchises you can start with an investment under 2 lakh rupees! 

Why Invest in a Tea Franchise?

Tea is India's favorite beverage, enjoyed by millions daily. Investing in a tea franchise offers: – Established brand recognition – Lower risk with support from franchisor – High demand and steady customer base

Popular Tea Franchises Under 2 Lakh

Here is the most popular tea franchises you can start with a budget under 2 lakh: Humsafar Chai

Success Story: Humsafar Chai

Humsafar Chai offers affordable franchise options with a strong brand presence. With an investment under 2 lakh, you get: – Training and support – Marketing assistance – High-quality tea blend

Steps to Get Started

Ready to brew success? Follow these steps:  1. Research 2. Contact 3. Investment 4. Training 5. Launch

Want to Start a Chai & Cafe Franchise Business Under 2 Lakh?