"Unveiling the Latest Chai Business Trends"

Chai Business Trends

Chai is considered to be the  2nd largest consumed beverage after water. 

Rise of Unique Chai Cafes

Almost  80 Million Indians consume Chai on daily business. This is the reason for rise of Unique Chai cafes which are offering unique flavors, and elevated chai-drinking experiences to offer to enlightened customers.

Health and Wellness Focus

Amongst 64% Indians who drink tea regularly, 30% are those who prefer healthy chai like Green Tea etc. Growing demand for health-conscious chai options, such as organic ingredients, sugar-free alternatives, and functional additives are in trend these days.

Digitalization and Online Platforms

Almost 70% of Chai Businesses are focusing towards digitalization. Integration of technology in chai businesses through online ordering platforms,  and social media marketing strategies helping in higher reach and customer engagement.  

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