Bubble Tea for Every Season

Summer Sips (Light & Refreshing):

Fruity Flavors: Beat the heat with light and fruity options like watermelon, peach, or lychee milk tea. The juicy flavors are perfect for a cool down.

Fall Feasts (Warm & Comforting):

Spiced Delights: Embrace the cozy vibes with flavors like pumpkin spice milk tea or a brown sugar cinnamon oat milk tea. These warm and inviting flavors are perfect for crisp autumn days.

Winter Warmers (Rich & Indulgent):

Hot and Steamy:  Skip the iced tea and indulge in a hot version of your favorite milk tea flavor. Taro latte, roasted milk tea, or a hot chocolate milk tea with a hint of cinnamon are perfect for those chilly days.

Springtime Delights (Light & Floral)

Floral Touches: Welcome the season with floral-infused teas like rose tea or lavender milk tea. You can even add edible flowers for a touch of elegance.