Bubble Tea Around the World

Taiwan - The Birthplace of Boba

Classic Flavors Reign Supreme:  Here, you'll find the original milk tea flavors perfected, with black tea and condensed milk forming the base for many beloved drinks.  Pearl tapioca balls are a quintessential topping.

Japan - Innovation Station

Fruity Paradise:  Japan is known for its focus on fresh fruits. Expect to see an abundance of fruit-flavored teas, jellies, and popping boba options.

Southeast Asia - A Blend of Influences

Tropical Twists:  Countries like Thailand and Vietnam put their spin on bubble tea with local flavors. Think Thai tea with condensed milk or Vietnamese coffee infused milk tea.

North America - Customization King

Mix and Match Mania:  North American boba shops often allow for high levels of customization. Choose your tea base, milk variety (dairy or alternative), flavorings, sweetness level, and a mind-boggling array of toppings.

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